Cast Bullet Sizer & Lubricator

Product Description:
This semiautomatic, nose first, bullet sizer/lubricator is manufactured from billet  aluminum, not a casting.  It features precision bullet lube adjustment, a bullet depth stop, a precision ground ram and a close fitting top punch (bullet dia. - .005").  This unit ships ready to work with the following accessories; semiautomatic, magazine fed, bullet feeder, digital controlled lube heater, die and punch, air pressurized lube system and a mounting stand with two bullet trays.

Product Specifications:
Construction: anodized billet aluminum, stainless steel
Power Requirements: 120 VAC and 80 PSI air pressure
Bullet Calibers: 22 - 45
Bullet Length: .375" - 1.125"
Sizing/Lubricating Rate: 1200 - 2400 bullets/hr.
Bullet Feeder Magazine Capacity: 209 5/8" long bullets

Coming soon

Cost: $595 USD