• Industrialization: Using our vast experience in manufacturing; we can provide precise solutions to your industrialization needs. We can provide "from art to part" solutions based on over 30 years experience using the latest technologies.
  • Reverse Engineering: We can reverse engineer simple parts to whole machines/systems. We understand complex machines and can reproduce them as copied or with enhancements.
  • Automation: We can automate your processes with everything from PLC controls or simple air/mechanical logic.
  • Industrial Design: We can produce esthetic designs using freeform NURBS surfaces with emphasis on manufacturability, sustainability, and cost of the finished product.
  • Tool & Die: We can provide complete die, fixture, tool and gage design; compound, line, progressive, transfer, and mold dies; in process and final inspection gages; machining and assembly fixtures; and cutting, forming, welding and assembly tools.
  • 3D CAD/CAM: Using the latest AutoCAD software for our 3D modeling, we can provide designs in; wire frame, surfaces, solids, and meshes, both parametric and nonparametric.
  • Drafting: We provide drafting services to update your drawings, ECNs etc., and to convert your paper drawings to CAD files.